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Reprint Policy

Material produced by the Self Represented Litigation Network will include the following notice:

Copyright New Venture Fund. 200x. Developed by the Self Represented Litigation Network. For reprint authorization policy go to Any opinions expressed in the document are not necessarily those of the New Venture Fund or of any members of the Self Represented Litigation Network. (The last sentence will only appear in substantive work.)

The following is the reprint policy that governs material in which the above notice appears:

This material may be reproduced in whole or in part on a non-commercial basis by governmental and nonprofit entities engaged in access to justice activities, provided that the reproduced material includes attribution, and contains in its entirety the copyright, disclaimer and reprint authorization website reference that appears in the document, and provide moreover that prior notice of such usage is sent by e-mail to:

This authorization may be withdrawn at any time and with respect to any entity.


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Reprint Policy

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