Alison Davis-Holland

Alison Davis-Holland is the GIS/Data Lead for SRLN. She has over 15 years of experience thinking through problems, analyzing data, and optimizing solutions using geographic information systems (GIS). By considering location, proximity, and geography, Alison is making connections among resources and needs, demographics, infrastructure, technology, and best practices. In her career, she has helped inform decision making in areas as diverse as renewable energy, environmental justice, social justice, natural disaster planning, master planning, mission readiness, and wartime navigation. She holds a Master's degree in Geographic and Cartographic Sciences and a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. Alison is an active participant and presenter at GIS industry forums, outreach, and training events such as Esri FedGIS and International Users Conferences. She is a volunteer mapper for Open Street Map, a crowd-sourced mapping initiative to create a free maps for humanitarian and development projects across the globe. Alison resides in Virginia.