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Important News about SRLN Conference

Important News about SRLN Conference 

Katherine Alteneder

Posted: Aug 19, 2016

Dear Friends,

I have some important news to share with you about the SRLN Pre-Conference. As you know, we have been tremendously fortunate to have had the extraordinary support of the ABA and NLADA for many years now, which has enabled us to gather annually at EJC to discuss SRL related innovations, reforms and initiatives, and most critically to meet one another and build our network. We would not be what we are today without their support; please join me in thanking and recognizing the critical role they have played in building our network.

As you also know, the EJC week has become increasingly rich in content as we reach what we all hope is a tipping point in access to justice. Yet, this has created some challenges for us. For example, by holding our conference in that week, we limit our ability to participate in other pre-conferences and put a considerable strain on many of our members who present both in our conference and throughout the week. In addition, the resources necessary to put together our conference constrain our ability to fully engage in the main conference. And finally, as our conference has grown, it has become increasingly difficult to provide the content desired and offer the critically important networking opportunities with all of us in one room for one 8-hour shot. So after careful consideration, including conversations and feedback from many of you, we have decided to decouple the SRLN Pre-Conference, and instead gather in late February. After assessing the national conference calendar, the 2017 SRLN Conference will be heldFebruary 23 -24, 2017 at the California Judicial Council building in San Francisco.  

I recognize that this change will create difficulties for some, and in the tradition of our network, we look forward to active, collaborative and supportive problem solving. Some of the benefits we hope this change brings include the ability to bring together more members (last year we sold out), as well as to offer multiple tracks to better address member needs. For example, we want to offer emerging states and programs the foundational support they need, and permitting the more mature states and programs to focus on the system integration issues that are most significant to them.

Another benefit we see developing from this new relationship with EJC is that we can put much more effort into helping to shape and deliver sessions in other pre-conferences, the main conference and the Access to Justice Commissions Chair’s Meeting.

But the demand for SRL content is not limited to EJC; to meet this growing demand, I am delighted to announce that we are establishing a permanent Education and Committee as part of the Strategy and Outreach Working Group. SRLN staffer Cristina Llop will chair this committee and we invite everyone who has an interest in helping with content development for the SRLN conference, as well as the many conferences throughout the year that would benefit from SRLN content to join this new committee. We anticipate many roles and opportunities including brainstorming, specific proposal development, speaker recruitment and of course nuts and bolts planning in support of our own conference.

Thank you for your ongoing support and congratulations in reaching this significant milestone in the growth of our network.


Katherine Alteneder, Coordinator