Webinar: Why Plain Language Works (Dyer 2018)

Webinar link: Why Plain Language Works, August 2018 Webinar by Charles Dyer

In this one-hour webinar prepared for the SRLN Forms and Technology Working Group, Charles Dyer, JD, MLS, discusses the cognitive science, including neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and cognitive linguistics, behind plain language translation and includes examples from American divorce court forms. The powerpoint and a supplementary bibliography are attached. Mr. Dyer has been a leading advocate for civil justice reforms impacting self-represented litigants for decades, and one of the orginal SRLN members.

This webinar reflects years of work Mr. Dyer has done in Washington state, including this article, Improving Access to Justice: Plain Language Family Law Court Forms in Washington State (Dyer, Fairbanks, Greiner, Barron, Skreen, Cerrillo-Ramirez, Lee, Hinsee 2013). For those interested in learning more on this topic generally, please visit the SRLN Plain Language page.