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Investing in SRLN advances innovation, reform, and quality among civil justice system professionals committed to making a diverse, equitable, and inclusive justice system so that people without lawyers get the legal help then need, when they need it, and in a format they can use.

“While there are several other "access to justice" national consortiums, SRLN is uniquely positioned to bring together court partners together with researchers, designers, technologists and practitioners to reform court systems to expand access to justice. I have found SRLN to be invaluable to me, by introducing me to relevant and provocative research, fresh ideas and wonderful national partners and colleagues.”

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With your support, we can make courts better by advocating for justice, accountability, and best practices proven to put the public first:

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We make courts better by building a diverse network of innovative justice system professionals guided by principles of listening, learning, and sharing.

We make courts better by giving people without lawyers a voice in improving courts.

We make courts better by leveraging local, state, and national networks to advance best practices.

With your support, we can make courts better.

Your donation supports the only curated collection of multi-consitutuency civil access to justice resources, digital divide maps of the United States, specialized communities of practice, national networking platforms, and dozens of cutting edge webinars produced each month. With your support, we break down silos and advance solutions that work for everyone. Thank you!