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SRLN GIS Professional Services

SRLN is pleased to make its Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping services available to its members to help to drive data-driven solutions in the justice sector. We have staff with expertise in justice data and geospatial analysis and a full suite of Esri ArcGIS software and online tools to analyze your data and integrate it with other data sources to provide insight and answer tough questions on how to improve access to justice.


Show it.  Don’t tell it.

“We all have rich data sources in our organizations, ones that show how our innovations operate and impact access to justice. The goal is to move past spreadsheets and into data visualizations that will unlock the data to reveal patterns across geography, show trends over time, and enable better decision making.”

—Katherine Alteneder, SRLN Executive Director


Get your questions answered.

Geospatial Data - Convert spreadsheet data into geospatial data that can be mapped.

Analysis - Answer questions such as where resources are distributed, what areas have the greatest need, how to forecast vulnerabilities and respond to changing demographics and technology to best meet that need.  

Maps - Create maps and data visualizations that show your findings as images, Web maps that can be posted, shared, and viewed online.

Story Maps and Online Apps - Tell your story and share your findings with online apps that combine maps with text, images, audio, video to create an interactive story.


Share your story.

SRLN is a proud member of Esri’s Nonprofit Organization Program where we utilize ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online to create maps, apps, and story maps to share our members' stories.

“It is gratifying to see GIS and story maps being used as such a powerful medium to improve social justice.”

—Allen Carroll, former National Geographic Chief Cartographer and current Esri Storytelling Program Manager discussing SRLN work at Esri Fed GIS


Alison Davis-Holland, SRLN Cartography and Story Maps Lead, heads up the team. Alison is an experienced geospatial analyst, cartographer, and story map author who uses GIS and decision analytics to gain insight and inform decisions. By creating maps, apps, and decision models, she helps visualize and bring clarity to some of the justice sector’s biggest challenges including meeting the needs of the community we serve. She has her master’s in geographic and cartographic sciences and 20 years of experience using the power of maps to tell a story and make complex problems easy to understand. For more information, contact [email protected].


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