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Survey: SRLN Library Working Group National Self-Help in Libraries Survey (SRLN 2019)

The Law Librarians’ Working Group of the Self-Represented Litigation Network surveyed law libraries in the summer of 2019 about their services, including self-help programs.

SRLN GIS Professional Services

SRLN is pleased to make its Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping services available to its members to help to drive data-driven solutions in the justice sector.

How Civil Legal Help Is Vital to Recovery from Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence hit North and South Carolina on Sept. 14, 2018, bringing high winds and flooding and devasting damage.

Resource: Why Tell Stories? (Esri 2018)

Find out how stories affect the brain, the power of visuals, and the appeal of maps with this story map on how nonprofits can benefit from story maps. A must read! Takes five minutes and 43 seconds.

Article: Choose the Right Map Symbology To Make Your Story Shine (Davis-Holland 2018)

Think cartography is all stats and science? Prepare to be surprised by the amount of psychology, art, design, culture, and communication involved in map making and how to choose effective symbology that makes your story and data shine.

Resource: Alaska’s Justice Ecosystem: Building a Partnership of Providers (SRLN 2017)

Created by the Self-Represented Litigation Network for the Alaska Court System, this Story Map describes Alaska’s civil justice ecosystem and the common civil legal issues that many Alaskans face.  It recognizes that legal issues rarely occur in i

Resource: GIS for Justice Workshop with Tip Sheet for GIS Analysis (NLADA 2017)

"GIS for Justice: Using a Tools from Outside the Lawyer's Toolbox"

Resource: Know Your Users - The Importance of User Experience in Court Planning and Operations (Court Technology Conference 2017)

The Illinois Supreme Court and SRLN created a mapping application to assess the court user's experience in Illinois.

Resource: Interactive story map shows hurricane impacts and Florida’s vulnerable populations

The Self-Represented Litigation Network (SRLN) helped The Florida Bar Foundation create a new data resource that reveals the impact of Hurricane Irma on Florida and the vulnerable populations who could potentially need civil legal aid in the recov

Webinar: Mapping Access to Justice: Success Stories and Lessons Learned from the Field Featuring The Florida Bar Foundation (SRLN 2017)

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