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How to: Join the SRLN Conference Slack

Many conferences have successfully used Slack to create lasting connections between attendees and enable networking before, during and after the event. This page will go over a few steps to help you get started with our Slack “Team”, the SRLN-Community!

  1. Sign up by entering your email address here:
  2. You’ll receive an email with a link to setup your account, follow its instructions:
  3. After creating a username and password, you’ll be logged into the community automatically:
  4. We recommend updating your SRLN Slack profile to let the community know who you are! We’ll be using Slack as a "digital directory" for the conference so add your Name and Social Media Links to stay connected! (See this link for more info:
  5. Now get to chatting! Introduce yourself on the #introduce_yourself channel and feel free to download Slack  to stay up-to-date on all things SRLN-related. 

The “channels" on the left represent the various topics that will be featured at our Pre-Conference. Go ahead and  start a conversation  on the topic that you’re interested in! Not finding a topic that interests you? You can  start a new channel  to discuss anything from your hometown to your favorite nearby coffeeshops. We’re excited to see how our network can coordinate and connect through this widely-adopted communication platform.