Report: Language Access Innovations in Courts (Legal Design Lab 2019)

In a study for the California Judicial Council, Stanford University's Legal Design Lab evaluated how technology, such as the use of tablets and Google Translate, might improve court access for visitors of Limited English Proficiency (LEP). Language Access Innovations in Courts discusses how LEP visitors experience the courts, how technology might improve their experience, as well as recommendations for continued evaluation and enhancements going forward.  From the introduction:

 “The Stanford Legal Design Lab team, that worked with the Santa Clara Superior Court in the Autumn 2018 class Design for Justice: Language Access, has a set of preliminary proposals, requirements, and testing plans for new courthouse language access interventions. These include technology solutions, as well as information and service designs. They aim to help litigants who are visiting the court to deal with typical courthouse transactions that occur outside the courtroom setting, so that these litigants are empowered, confident, and capable of navigating the spaces, process, and interactions of the court system.”