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SRLN Self-Care Resources

SRLN wants to make sure you remember about self-care. Especially during times of crisis we need to care for ourselves before we are able to care for others.

This topic is so important that we have asked our self-care guests to record their presentations for us to publish. If you have videos you think we ought to add or would like to contribute a video of your own for us to publish, please contact [email protected].

SRLN Self-Care Series

General Wellness

Meditation Exercises

Eduardo Gonzalez

You will find an attached presentation that includes slides used in the meditation videos.

SRLN's GoToStage Channels

Visit SRLN's GoToStage Channel where we publish webinars we've recorded.


Other Self-Care Resources

The Legal Aid Association of California (LAAC) has published a list of resources, scroll down to "Self-Care Resources"

Charlotte Thaarup-Owen, What Can Mindfulness Training Do For You? A Resource for Self-­Represented Litigants (; pdf), The Mindfulness Clinic & The National Self-­Represented Litigants Project (2016).