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Guide: Delaware’s Judicial Guidelines for Civil Hearings Involving Self-Represented Litigants (Delaware 2011)

The Delaware Supreme Court adopted these guidelines, effective May 11, 2011, designed to address concerns that Judicial Officers may have regarding balancing self-represented litigants’ perceptions of procedural fairness while maintaining neutrality in the courtroom, particularly when one party is self-represented and one has an attorney. Judicial Officers in Delaware have reported that it can be difficult to decide how much and when to intercede when there is a self-represented litigant and there is tension between trying to see that justice is done for the self-represented litigant and not impacting an opposing party who is represented. These Guidelines are not intended to alter the Code of Judicial Conduct or Judges’ obligations thereunder, or to create additional standards under which Judges may be disciplined. They should, however, provide guidance to all Judges of the State of Delaware.


Recommended Citation: Delaware Supreme Court, Judicial Guidelines for Civil Hearings Involving Self-Represented Litigants, Delaware Judiciary (2011). Available at