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Conference: Legal Services Corp.'s TIG Conference (San Antonio 2015)

The Annual Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) Conference brings together leading technologists and policy makers to explore cutting edge developments. These conferences have had a profound impact on shaping how the access to justice movement uses technology. Some of the sessions recorded from 2015 include:

  • LawHelp Network Session: What's New and What's Next for 2015
  • Expert Systems: Leverage Your Lawyers to Serve Your Clients
  • Views You Can Use - Making Data Visualization Accessible With Tools Available Now
  • Fast and Forward- Looking at Project Management
  • Demonstrating Accomplishments, Improving Services and Fostering Replication
  • Tools of Choice
  • Trust the Process and Oh The Places You’ll Go!
  • Engaging Pro Bono Attorneys in Virtual Law Practice
  • Are You Agile?
  • Shop Smart: How a Formal Procurement Process can Safeguard Your Investment
  • Gender and Cultural Competency with Legal Technology 
  • Managing Your Grant Effectively  
  • Security Basics 

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