Webinar: Court & Legal Aid Technology Collaborations for Pro Se Litigants (SRLN 2005)

  Wednesday, September 21, 2005 - 12:00pm

This SRLN webinar discusses the technology collaborations between the courts and legal services for pro se litigants. It was presented by Glenn Rawdon, Senior Program Counsel for Technology at the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), on September 21, 2005. Since its inception, LSC's Technology Initiative Grant Program has encouraged legal services providers to partner with their local courts on projects that help self represented litigants. From kiosks, to web sites, to television cameras in court; from Alaska to New York, these partnerships have assisted SRLs by providing legal information, court forms, instructional videos and more. Topics covered in this webinar include state-wide websites, hot-docs, website enhancements such as live-help, I-CAN, and the Technology Incentive Grant program.

A copy of Glenn's presentation can be downloaded below.