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Webinars: SRLN Equal Justice Conference Pre-Conference, Chicago (SRLN 2016)

Remote Services for Self-Represented Litigants (April 27)

Presented by: John Greacen (of Greacen Associates, LLC), Maria Livingston (from the Orange County, California Superior Court) and Sarah Frush (from Maryland Legal Aid)


A preview of the soon to be released Resource Guide on Serving Self-Represented Litigants Remotely.  The guide describes remote services such as telephone, text messaging, email, chat, video conferencing, co-browsing, and customer relations management software.  It discusses different business practices followed in the eight sites studied in detail == Alaska, California (Butte, Tehama, and Lake Counties and Orange County), Idaho, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, and Utah – including how they integrate in-person and remote services, and identifies the equipment and staffing components of each program. 

The Guide also describes the outreach efforts of each site to involve justice system and community entities in meeting the needs of SRLs and how the programs provide feedback to their courts to simplify and improve court processes for SRLs.  The webinar will include an overview of the Resource Guide and detailed descriptions of two of the eight sites studied

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Building an Integrated Portal to Reach 100% Access (April 6)

Presented by: Thomas Clarke of the National Center for State Courts
Joined by: John Greacen of Greacen Associates, LLC, for discussion


While a wealth of access to justice assistance resources exist in most states, they are typically uncoordinated and lack integration.  That places a heavy burden on potential litigants to discover and understand those resources.  In addition, most organizational websites for courts and legal aid limit their resources to their organization scope and do not provide integrated referrals to other providers when appropriate.  Litigant portals are designed to provide an integrated process-based approach to assistance from the litigant’s viewpoint, walking people through the entire decision process from deciding if they have a legal problem to making decisions on types of assistance needed, and what will typically happen at certain decision points in their court case.  At the same time, the portal acts as a comprehensive referral engine to a broad range of assistance providers.  Learn what projects and pilots are working on these concepts now.

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Using Slack before, during and after the Pre-Conference (March 9)

Presented by: Daniel Sandoval of - Co-coordinator and Designer of the 2016 Pre-Conference


Slides available here: Google Drive

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