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Article: Public Legal Information: Pro Bono that Keeps on Giving (MSBA 2016)

The article, Public Legal Information: Pro Bono that Keeps on Giving, offers a look at People’s Law, an educational outreach program of the Maryland State Law Library, that works to provide clear, reliable summaries of Maryland law, links to primary and secondary legal sources and referrals for legal help. People’s Law is sustained by the voluntary efforts of Maryland’s legal community and offers a conflict-free form of pro bono service that can be performed at any time of day and from any location. This review of the program includes reflections on why the public should have the law explained to them for free, the role that libraries can play in this source of legal information, and how People's Law resources are developed by an ecosystem of legal service and help providers. 

Adapted from a forthcoming article in the National Center for State Courts publication Trends in State Courts.

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