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Report: NCSC Judicial Conduct Reporter (Gray 2014)

This issue of the Judicial Conduct Reporter includes an indepth look at how states are addressing the ethics issues posed by self-represented litigants, including a review of case law and Judicial Code of Ethics 2.2. 2.2 Judges Reports Judicial Ethics Uni ...

SRLN Brief: Procedural Fairness / Procedural Justice (SRLN 2015)

SRLN Brief: Procedural Fairness / Procedural Justice (SRLN 2015)

Research has shown that when defendants and litigants perceive the court process to be fair, they are more likely to comply with court orders and follow the law in the future—regardless of whether they “win” or “lose” their case. This is called procedural ...

Research: Judge - SRL Communications Research (SRLN 2007)

Research: Judge- SRL Communications Research (SRLN 2007)

Through funding from the State Justice Institute, the California Administrative Office of the Courts, and the Maryland Judiciary, the Self-Represented Litigation Network conducted two research projects this year (2006-2007). These projects are: 1) Courtro ...