Report: Trusted Help - Legal help on the frontlines (LFO 2018)

The Law Foundation of Ontario (LFO) published two reports following their research on the role of community workers helping people with legal problems. As 'trusted intermediaries', these frontline workers – including from community organizations, social service organizations, and shelters – are critical components of increasing access to justice.

The Trusted Help: the role of community workers who help people with legal problems Reports Part 1 and Part 2 are discussed in detail on the LFO website. See below for links to the LFO webpage. The reports are attached below.


For more information visit LFO's Legal Help on the Frontlines homepage.


Work Featured on SRLN Research Working Group webinar

On October 1, 2020, the SRLN Research Working Group hosted a webinar in which Julie Mathews, Executive Director of Community Legal Education Ontario, and Professor David Wiseman at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, presented about their research, Community Justice: Help Advancing Community Based Access to Justice. This research expands work around leveraging community based resources, as trusted help, to address access to justice gaps.

View our page, Report: Community Justice Help: Advancing Community-Based Access to Justice (CLEO & LFO 2020), for more information about the session.