Tool: Self-Diagnostic Protocols & Solutions for Affordable Access to Justice Innovations (SRLN 2010)

Drawing upon a wide range of Best Practices (, approaches, tools and materials developed by the SRLN, this resource is designed to help courts identify and implement potential improvements in access and efficiency in as cost effective a manner as possible. A series of diagnostic protocols designed to assist courts identify problems experienced in providing access to justice, and implement solutions. Protocols include examples of solutions and resource materials and cover the following areas:

Protocols linked below (Google Drive; pdf)

Protocol One - Introducing and Focusing the Diagnostic Process
Protocol Two - Court Entryway Services
Protocol Three - Self-Help Services
Protocol Four - Clerk’s Office
Protocol Five - Caseflow Management for Access
Protocol Six - Hearing Management
Protocol Seven - Compliance
Protocol Eight - Self-Assessment Capacity
Protocol Nine - Partnering for Access
Protocol Ten - Prioritizing Between Solutions
Protocol Eleven - State Customization Process
Protocol Twelve - General Problem Solving Protocol

Sample Reports & Resources

Sample Report - Local
Sample Report - Statewide
Resources & Examples (folder)