Tools for Evaluating Self-Help Programs and Services

Tool: CA Self-Help Centers' Self-Assessment Tool for Quality Programs (CA Courts 2018)

The California Self-Help Centers’ Self-Assessment Tool for Quality Programs was developed as a strategic and tactical planning template to promote quality Self-Help Center Programs across California.

Report: Measuring Online Legal Resources: A Framework Inspired by the Drake Equation (Florida Justice Technology Center 2018)

This report and companion webinar offer

Orange County, CA and the State of Texas Conduct User Experience Research and Learn that SRLs in Civil Cases Can E-File (News 2016)

What are we learning about self-represented litigants who e-file? Who are they? Where are they? What cases do they file? How do the tools work for them?

Toolkit: Tools for Evaluation of Court-Based Self-Help Centers (California CFCC 2015)

The Equal Access Unit of the California Judicial Branch Center for Families, Children & the Courts, provides materials for courts, court-based self-help programs, and other nonprofit providers of legal self-help services.

SRLN Brief: Communications Resources (SRLN 2015)

A communications strategy, which is central to any project's success, not only charts communications with internal and external customers, but also serves as an important driver for the metrics collected to measure success.

Toolkit: Model for a Comprehensive Self Assessment of Court Programs to Assist Self-Represented Litigants (SRLN 2008)

These materials are a comprehensive packet of surveys and tools designed to help courts assess how well they deal with the self-represented and to make improvements in their practices.

Toolkit: Self-Diagnostic Protocols & Solutions for Affordable Access to Justice Innovations (SRLN 2010)

Drawing upon a wide range of Best Practices, approaches, tools and materials deve

Webinar: Evaluating Programs to Assist Self Represented Litigants (SRLN 2005)

This SRLN Webinar from June 21, 2005, presents findings from evaluations of self-help programs for self-represented litigants.

Tool: Tour Guide to Assess Courthouse for SRLs (SRLN 2008)

This Tour Guide is provided to allow either court employees or outside observers to look at a courthouse and court processes from the point of view of a self-represented litigant.

Toolkit: Trial Court Research and Improvement Consortium (TCRIC): Self-Help Program Assessment Tool (TCRIC 2005)

Program Assessment