Report: Access to Justice Initiatives in the Trial Court: 2009-2014 (Massachusetts 2014)

This report is a product of the Massachusetts Trial Court's Access to Justice Initiative, whose mission is to guide and coordinate resources within the Trial Court to broaden access to civil justice for all litigants, including self-represented litigants, individuals of modest means, those of limited or no English proficiency, and individuals with mental or physical disabilities; to work with judicial leaders in the Trial Court to develop long- and short-range goals, statewide strategies, and best practices to increase access to justice throughout the Trial Court; and to work with organizations outside of the court to implement access to justice initiatives and protocols.

See also the Final Report of the Second Massachusetts Access to Justice Commission issued April 2015 and available at


Recommended Citation:

Dina E. Fein and Erika J. Rickard, Access to Justice Initiative (Massachusetts Trial Court 2014) available at