Report: Technology, Access to Justice, and the Rule of Law (The Law Society 2019)

The Law Society represents, promotes, and supports solicitors, publicising their unique role in providing legal advice, ensuring justice for all and upholding the rule of law.

Innovation and technology are playing a critical role in ensuring everyone has equal access to justice.

Against increased demand for legal services, and resource cuts, The Law Society conducted a research project to investigate whether technology is the key to unlocking access to justice innovation.

Based on an assessment of 50 initiatives, qualitative interviews with more than 45 stakeholders, and an academic literature review, The Law Society found that, while it certainly has a role, technology is not the silver bullet to making the justice and legal system more accessible.

Throughout the report The Law Society wanted to draw attention to the set of problem statements and solutions, with the aim of helping practitioners and firms to develop their own innovation blueprint, according to their own resources and capacity.

This report contains findings and recommendations concerning the use of innovation and technology to facilitate access to justice.

The Law Society believes that the recommendations in this report present a practical and workable step in the right direction for government, civil society organisations and those with legal needs.

Read the report here ( or download below.