Report: Reaching Floridians with Legal Information: Feedback from Focus Groups and User Testing (Rae & Quinn 2018)

In May 2018, the Florida Justice Technology Center’s gathered feedback and input from community members, social services organizations and legal services providers. Through a series of focus group discussions as well as individual user tests, we explored ways to present content on, gaps in legal content, and methods to reach low income clients and social service organizations with this information.

Key Findings
● Well-written, accurate and understandable information is needed on a wide variety of legal issues.
● While identified legal issues varied across the state, the impact of limited access to critical legal and other information was identified as having a profoundly negative impact in communities.
● There’s no one “right” way to present information to maximize understanding, confidence, and the participants’ preference.
● Ongoing user testing is necessary to determine whether users can access and use the information provided.
● Word of mouth from neighbors, friends and family is an effective way to spread information, particularly in rural areas.

Recommended Citation: Jessica Rae & Laura Quinn, Reaching Floridians With Legal Information: Feedback from Focus Groups and User Testing, Fla. Justice Tech. Center (July 2018)