Paper: Community Justice Help: Advancing Community-Based Access to Justice (CLEO 2020)

This discussion paper provides a framework to understand the mechanisms that cultivate reslient access to justice communities. The paper offers universal principles that support community-based justice help systems. In particular, the paper proposes an approach to supporting community justice help, describes it's place in the broader access to justice ecosystem, and highlights the value of quality assurance and regulatory alignment. The paper concludes with recommendations to nurture robust community justice help.

Below is a description provided in the paper:

"This discussion paper is the result of research and consultations undertaken by Julie Mathews, Executive Director of Community Legal Education Ontario, and Professor David Wiseman, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, from September 2018 to December 2019. Julie’s participation in the project was enabled by a Community Leadership in Justice Fellowship awarded by The Law Foundation of Ontario. While the project was financially supported by The Law Foundation of Ontario, the authors are solely responsible for all content. The project was supported by Community Legal Education Ontario."


Recommended citation: Julie Mathews & David Wiseman, Community Justice Help: Advancing Community-Based Access to Justice, Community Legal Education Ontario (2020),