General Non-Profit Resources for Planning and Evaluation

When planning and evaluating programs, more general non-profit management tools can be very helpful to access to justice initiatives. Inclusion on this page does not equal endorsement.

Article: Achieving Meaningful Partnerships with Nonprofit Organizations: A View from the Field (Mendel 2013)

This article addresses a topic of vital importance to the nonprofit sector: the dominant preference of institutional funders for visible partnerships and the reality that most of these are shallow relationships entered into by their participants t
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Resource: Law + Design Workbook (Hagen 2017)

The Legal Design Lab's Law + Design Workbook is a guide for running a legal design cycle.

Paper: Community Justice Help: Advancing Community-Based Access to Justice (CLEO 2020)

This discussion paper provides a framework to understand the mechanisms that cultivate reslient access to justice communities. The paper offers universal principles that support community-based justice help systems.

SRLN Brief: Communications Resources (SRLN 2015)

A communications strategy, which is central to any project's success, not only charts communications with internal and external customers, but also serves as an important driver for the metrics collected to measure success.

Resource: W.K. Kellogg Logic Model Development Guide (W.K. Kellogg Foundation 2006)

Nonprofits must demonstrate the effectiveness of their program activities by initiating and completing outcome-oriented evaluation of projects.
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Website: ABA Legal Technology Resource Center

The ABA LTRC is a comprehensive resource for legal professionals interested in learning about the latest technology in the field.

Presentation: Securing Highly Competitive Grant Funds Through Collaborative Efforts and Effective Marketing (Reinhart, Herman 2011)

These are the power point presentation slides used by Don Reinhart, PhD and Madelynn Herman, MA during their presentation at the 2011 ABA/NLADA Equal Justice Conference (for more conference/preconference materials, please click