Curriculum: SRLN Court Solutions Conference Leadership Package (SRLN 2008)

The Self-Represented Litigation Leadership Package was prepared by the Self-Represented Litigation Network and launched at the Court Solutions Conference on September 8-10, 2008, in Baltimore, Maryland. The core of the Package is fifteen modules, each of which focuses on a different area of self-represented litigation innovation. These Modules can be used in a wide variety of ways to encourage leadership in innovation. These ways include as a traditional educational curriculum, as a tool for discussion, as materials for a leadership seminar, or even just as a stimulant for a lunchtime conversation. They have been built for maximum flexibility with a wide variety of constituencies. 

Leadership Package - Introduction to Curriculum

Leadership Package - Introduction to Video Resources

Leadership Package - Resource Handbook

Leadership Package - Activity Guide

Leadership Package - Model Program Profiles & Additional Resources

Court Leadership Package Modules

Module 1 - Challenge, Models, Court Self-Diagnosis, and Strategies for Getting a Court Moving

Module 2 - Establishing and Operating a Court-Based Self-Help Center

Module 3 - Designing and Modifying Physical Space for Access

Module 4 - Establishing Justice Corps and Volunteer Programs

Module 5 - Staff Ethics

Module 6 - Developing and Deploying Plain Language Forms

Module 7 - Deploying Automated Forms for Access

Module 8 - Caseflow Mangement for Access

Module 9 - Working with Judges for Access

Module 10 - Courtroom Staffing and Services for Access

Module 11 - Discrete Representation

Module 12 - Supporting and Integrating Law Library Services for the Self Representated

Module 13 - Distance Services for the Self Represented

Module 14  - Promoting Access for those with Limited English Proficiency

Module 15 - Access Innovations to Increase Compliance