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Resource: Plain Language Library, Example Forms (WriteCleary)

The Plain Language Library was adapted by Transcend under a

SRLN 2017 Forms Competition

2017 SRLN Forms & Technology Working Group -- Best Forms Contest
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Article: Liberty, Justice, and Legal Automata (Lauritsen 2013)

This article, by Mark Lauritsen @marclauritsen, expands on the analysis begun by the author in a computer science journal piece called Are We Free To Code The Law?

News: Forms in Your Pocket: Mobile Solutions Are Nearly Ready to Scale (Pew Research Center 2016)

According to the Pew Research Center's Internet and Technology Mobile Fact Sheet (, sixty-four percent of American adults own a smart phone (

Resource: Technology Initiative Grants (LSC 2015)

Since 2000, when Congress first appropriated special funds for the Technology Initiative Grants (TIG) program, the Legal Services Corpor

Resource: Equal Access Unit of the California Center for Families, Children & the Courts (Judicial Council of California 2015)

The Equal Access Unit of the Center for Families, Children & the Courts has materials available for courts, court-­based self-­help programs, and other nonprofit providers of lega

Report: Report of the Summit on the Use of Technology to Expand Access to Justice (LSC 2013)

In 2012 and 2013, the Legal Services Corporation convened a national Technology Summit that brought together more than 75 representatives of legal aid programs, courts, government, and business as well as technology experts, academics, and private

Weblinks: Technology Resources (SRLN 2015)

The following is a list of organizations geared toward technology/IT support in the non-profit and legal aid space. Inclusion does not reflect endorsement. Idealware

Curriculum: SRLN Court Solutions Conference Leadership Package (SRLN 2008)

The Self-Represented Litigation Leadership Package was prepared by the Self-Represented Litigation Network and launched at the Court Solutions Conference on September 8-10, 2008, in Baltimore, Maryland. The core of the Package is fifteen modules,