Report: Report of the Court Processes Simplification (Court Processes Simplification Working Group 2012)

This is a report of the Court Processes Simplification Working Group (CPSWG) of the Canadian Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters hosted by the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice that explores court simplification efforts and opportunities in Canada. It concludes in part:

Improving access to justice in Canada is the responsibility of all players in the justice system, including judges, lawyers, all levels of government, paralegals, academics, NGOs, public legal educators and the public. The effective operation of court services, as discussed earlier in this report, is a key part of making justice as accessible as possible for those who use the public court system. Based on the work of the CPSWG, it is clear that several important and innovative initiatives are in place in various jurisdictions across the country, which are designed to improve the efficiency of courts. It is the view of the CPSWG that those initiatives should be supported and encouraged. Further, it is also clear – again through the research done in preparation for this report – that there is significant room for further work and innovation in the context of court processes simplification.

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Working Group of the Action Committee on Access to Justice In Civil and Family Matters, Report of the Court Processes Simplification (2012) available at