News: Tale of Two No-Cost Re-Engineering Projects that Launched Self-Help Centers (SRLN 2015)

Both the Bronx Family Court and the Pittsburgh Court were able to significantly increase quality, speed, and capacity by re-engineering procedures, re-arranging physical layout, some paint, and new benches.

Comments: SRLN Comments to Proposed Court Rule Changes in Florida on Technology Integration (SRLN 2021)

On July 1, 2021, the Florida Supreme Court appointed Workgroup on the Continuity of Court Operations and Proceedings During and After COVID-19 filed a

Report: Business Process Analysis in Legal Aid: How Florida Rural Legal Services Partnered with Toyota to Improve Its Client Intake and Customer Service (Legal Services Corporation 2021)

Many organizations have experience with business process analysis (BPA), a method to analyze a company’s processes and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations.

Article: Faster, Cheaper & As Satisfying: An Evaluation of Alaska’s Early Resolution Triage Program (Marz 2016)

The Alaska Court System, in partnership with the Alaska Pro Bono Program, created the Early Resolution Program (ERP) to address many issues with which courts across the country are grappling: how to efficiently and effectively manage divorce and c

SRLN COVID-19 Brief: Alaska Courts and Attorneys Keep Probate Matters Moving (News 2020)

While many states have reported difficulties in processing probate cases during the Covid-19 pandemic, Alaska has been remarkably successful in moving these cases along, and even to some extent expediting them beyond what had been happening before

SRLN Brief: Intro to Design Thinking (SRLN 2017)

In the Access to Justice space, design thinking practices from the technology space are increasingly embraced to improve the way people access legal services and to improve and simplify the processes themselves.
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Video: Re-Imagining Family Law Procedures (Alaska 2016)

Video featuring the Honorable Vanessa White, Judge of the Superior Court at Palmer Alaska, and Stacey Marz, Director of the Alaska Court System's Self-Help Services.

News: Forms in Your Pocket: Mobile Solutions Are Nearly Ready to Scale (Pew Research Center 2016)

According to the Pew Research Center's Internet and Technology Mobile Fact Sheet (, sixty-four percent of American adults own a smart phone (
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Report: Supreme Court Task Force to Examine Limited Legal Licensing (Utah 2015)

From the Introduction:
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Paper: Non-Lawyer Legal Assistance Roles (Clarke 2015)

The Utah Supreme Court has created a committee to study the possibility of creating a limited license legal technician - or something along those lines - in Utah.