Conference: CourtHack (Utah 2016)

The brightest legal minds, technologists, entrepreneurs, and others driven by a need to improve the courts for their fellow Americans will form teams and compete in this epic, 30-hour hackathon.

Conference: Incubator Consortium’s 3rd Annual Conference (Kansas City)

Early Bird Registration closes February 25, 2016.

Conference: 2010 California Conference on Self-Represented Litigants (California 2010)

Starting in 2006, the California Administrative Office of the Courts has held a statewide Conference on Self-Represented Litigants.

Resource: Equal Access Unit of the California Center for Families, Children & the Courts (California 2015)

The Equal Access Unit of the Center for Families, Children & the Courts has materials available for courts, court-­based self-­help programs, and other nonprofit providers of lega

Presentation: Legal Information and Legal Advice: The Hard Situations (Greacen 2010)

Presentation on the distinction between legal information and legal advice given by John M. Greacen at the 2010 California Conference On Self-Represented Litigants April 29-30, 2010.  

Interview: Access Track Organizer Richard Schauffler Reflects that CTC2015 Focused on Consumer Driven Solutions Shaped by Data (News 2015)


Presentation: Current Research on SRLs (SRLN 2014)

Update on research on Self-Represented Litigants presented at the NACM 2014 Mid-Year Conference, which can be viewed at

Paper: Self Represented Litigants: Self Help Programs – Making the Case to the Bench and Bar (Greacen, Hough, Ledray 2006)

John Greacen, Bonnie Hough, and Susan Ledray presented at the July 2006 National Association of Court Management meeting in Florida.

Conference: NCSC E-courts 2018 Conference (Las Vegas 2018)

The 2018 NCSC E-courts Conference will take place December 10 - 12, 2018, in Las Vegas, NV. For more information, please visit the NCSC event page:

Conference: 2018 ABA/NLADA Equal Justice Conference (San Diego 2018)

The 2018 ABA/NLADA Equal Justice Conference will be held May 10 - 12, 2018 in San Diego, CA. For more information, please visit the ABA's event page: