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Article: A Judge’s View on the Benefits of ‘Unbundling’ (Juhas 2015)

This is an article about the value of unbundling by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mark A. Juhas, who has presided in family court since he was appointed to the bench in 2002.
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Article: Judicial Techniques for Cases Involving Self-Represented Litigants (Albrecht, Greacen, Hough and Zorza 2003)

This is one of the first article published to stimulate a national dialogue about how judges can best structure and manage their courtrooms to accommodate the needs of self-represented litigants.

Article: Saving Courtroom Time: Techniques for Judges in Self-Represented Cases (Juhas, McKnight, Zelon, Zorza 2009, rev. 2015)

This article discusses 15 techniques that can increase courtroom efficiency when working with self-represented cases, and summarizes many of the practices suggested in the Judicial Curriculum (

Conference: Harvard Judicial Leadership Conference (SRLN 2007)

Based on the research of the Self-Represented Litigation Network (SRLN), the resources below make up the original judicial curricula prepared by the Na

Guide: Delaware’s Judicial Guidelines for Civil Hearings Involving Self-Represented Litigants (Delaware 2011)

The Delaware Supreme Court adopted these guidelines, effective May 11, 2011, designed to address concerns that Judicial Officers may have regarding balancing self-represented litigants’ perceptions of procedural fairness while maintaining neutrali

SRLN Brief: Case for Key Innovations to Support 100% Access (SRLN 2007)

Collection of single page briefing papers prepared by the SRLN in 2007 to help interested parties make the "case for" key innovations. The following topics are covered:  • The Case for Self-Help Programs
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Article: 20 Things Judges Can Do to Encourage Attorneys to Provide Limited Scope Representation (California Judges Association 2003)

Published in the Summer 2003 edition of The Bench, a news journal of the California Judges Association, this article provides advice for judges who wish to encourage attorneys to provide limited scope representation, also called discrete
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Article: Turner v. Rogers - Improving Due Process for the Self-Represented (Zorza 2012)

Article by Richard Zorza on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Turner v.

SRLN Brief: Memo on Model Code of Judicial Conduct 2.2 Revisions (SRLN 2012)

This memorandum lays out ways that states can develop state-specific comment language for their judicial codes. The memo reflects recent research, as well as recent state developments as of date of publishing.