Article: No Legal Advice from Court Personnel - What Does that Mean (Greacen 1995)

This is the seminal article that explores the underlying rationale that resulted in the blanket prohibition of clerk's not being able to provide information to the public for fear that it would be advice.

Report: My Laws, My Courts, My Maryland Promoting Equal Justice for All (Maryland 2013)

My Laws, My Courts, My Maryland Promoting Equal Justice for All, published by the Maryland Access to Justice Commission is styled as media kit and provides detailed information about the Maryl

SRLN Brief: Rule 6.5 - A Powerful Tool to Diversify Pro Bono and Transform Court Services

Ethics rule 6.5 is a powerful tool to diversify pro bono programs and to transform court services because it allows unbundled lawyers to perform real time services in court-annexed programs without the onerous clerical burdens and limitations unde

Report: Making Self-Help Work: Bet Tzedek’s Conservatorship Clinic (Bet Tzedek 2013)

Since 2007, Bet Tzedek Legal Services has been running a self-help conservatorship clinic in partnership with the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Report: Access to Justice Initiatives in the Trial Court: 2009-2014 (Massachusetts 2014)

This report is a product of the Massachusetts Trial Court's Access to Justice Initiative, whose mission is to guide and coordinate res

Weblink: Elkins Family Law Task Force & Implementation Task Force (California 2010, 2013)

In Elkins v.

Weblink: Simplification in Singapore (State Court of Singapore 2015)

Transparent information that seeks user feedback from the State Courts of Singapore about what a simplified court process means for SRLs in criminal, SRLs in civil, lawyers and others that can be found at 

Article: Some First Thoughts On Court Simplification: The Key To Civil Access And Justice Transformation (Zorza 2013)

From the Abstract:

Alaska Court Uses Triage and Targeted Pro Bono Unbundled Legal Advice to Settle 80% of Contested Domestic Cases (News 2015)

Various Supplementary Resources: Listen to a piece about ERP on NPR

Interview: Access Track Organizer Richard Schauffler Reflects that CTC2015 Focused on Consumer Driven Solutions Shaped by Data (News 2015)