Management of Programs

In undertaking research for the report, Nonlawyer Navigators in State Courts: An Emerging Consensus, some of the program managers of nonlawyer navigator programs, described in the study, were willing to share with the researchers various types of documents they use in managing and implementing their programs. Many individuals across the country who plan to create navigator programs have expressed an interest in having access to a repository of sample documents from existing programs to provide guidance as they create their own programs. There are many topics that could be covered in such a collection but here we have captured five main categories which include: Recruitment & Job Descriptions; Operations/Training Guides; Intake & Data sheets; Evaluations/Progress Reports; and Legal Information vs. Legal Advice guidance.

You will find here examples of resources in each category. Some of the documents are publicly available, including on websites; others are internal to programs. We have secured program manager permission to publish any of the documents of an internal nature. Some of the documents are not current but rather examples of what programs have used. They are intended to make accessible what various program leaders across the country have designed to implement their own programs.   

You will also find here a contact list for leaders of programs covered in the nonlawyer navigator study which was current as of January 2022. You will also find here a listing of programs that are using remote services. 

We are very grateful to leaders of nonlawyer navigator programs in state courts all over the country. They were most helpful in providing useful documents and information to help guide others as they move forward to create new programs around the country.