Tool: CA Self-Help Centers' Self-Assessment Tool for Quality Programs (CA Courts 2018)

The California Self-Help Centers’ Self-Assessment Tool for Quality Programs was developed as a strategic and tactical planning template to promote quality Self-Help Center Programs across California. The tool is designed to connect a wide range of initiatives within the Judicial Branch, and to intentionally develop systems to interconnect the larger court system with self-help programs.

The Tool is designed to:

  • Support the development and refinement of a planning template that identifies immediate actionable steps as well as ongoing, and long-term program goals to support program quality.
  • Engage key-stakeholders in the community, local court staff, and self-help center staff to facilitate important conversations about program quality and continuous program improvement.
  • Serve as a self-assessment planning tool and not an external program evaluation tool.
  • Support newly hired Self-Help Attorneys and Family Law Facilitators.

The Tool can be used:

  • During staff meetings to facilitate professional development and inform ongoing planning needs.
  • To facilitate internal court communication and planning, and collaboration efforts within the community.
  • As a driver of program innovation and design.
  • To inform multi-year strategic and annual tactical plans for self-help programs.


The tool was developed based on the significant work of partners and leaders throughout the state who authored the following Judicial Council of California Reports: