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Article: Focus Group: Connecting Writers of Legal Documents with Their Audience (Mindlin & McCormick 2012)

This article is about focus groups which are a qualitative research tool that tell you if the main message and purpose of your form are understood.

Resource: Scribes Journal of Legal Writing (American Society of Legal Writers)

The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing is a a scholarly journal which publishes articles about legal writing. It has published articles by many of the best-known figures in legal writing — including Garner, Kimble, Charles Alan Wright, Richard Posne

Handbook: Plain Language (Lauchman 2009)

This handbook is intended for the writers in the U.S. federal government. It focuses on aspects of writing that are especially important to Plain Language.

Article: Plain Language in Law (Dave 2002)

Plain Language in Law, by Sandeep Dave ( cites several resources about using plain language in legal documents.

Handbook: Write For Your Reader (NWT Literacy Council 2015)

This is an easy-to-use 'how to' manual for people who write or edit reports, memos, minutes, brochures, or other documents.  
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Article: Plain Language Works for Pro Per Litigants (Mindlin & McCormick 2004)

This article discusses the benefits of using Plain Language court forms for self-represented litigants. It enumerates the readability and advanced features used in adapting Plain Language in Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) forms.

Report: A Comparative Readability Study of Plain Language Court Forms (Mindlin 2012)

This article presents the results from the first quantitative readability study of plain language court forms in the United States.

Research: Principles of Readability (DuBay 2004)

This research gives a brief introduction to the literacy studies in the U.S.
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Article: Plain Language Overview (Transcend 2005)

This article talks about what constitutes the Plain Language training program, the benefits of using Plain Language, and which organizations use the Plain Language by Transcend.

Curriculum: SRLN Court Solutions Conference Leadership Package (SRLN 2008)

The Self-Represented Litigation Leadership Package was prepared by the Self-Represented Litigation Network and launched at the Court Solutions Conference on September 8-10, 2008, in Baltimore, Maryland. The core of the Package is fifteen modules,