Comments: SRLN Comments to Proposed Court Rule Changes in Florida on Technology Integration (SRLN 2021)

On July 1, 2021, the Florida Supreme Court appointed Workgroup on the Continuity of Court Operations and Proceedings During and After COVID-19 filed a

Report: Business Process Analysis in Legal Aid: How Florida Rural Legal Services Partnered with Toyota to Improve Its Client Intake and Customer Service (Legal Services Corporation 2021)

Many organizations have experience with business process analysis (BPA), a method to analyze a company’s processes and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations.

Article: Faster, Cheaper & As Satisfying: An Evaluation of Alaska’s Early Resolution Triage Program (Marz 2016)

The Alaska Court System, in partnership with the Alaska Pro Bono Program, created the Early Resolution Program (ERP) to address many issues with which courts across the country are grappling: how to efficiently and effectively manage divorce and c

Report: The Criminalization of Private Debt (ACLU 2018)


SRLN Brief: Intro to Design Thinking (SRLN 2017)

In the Access to Justice space, design thinking practices from the technology space are increasingly embraced to improve the way people access legal services and to improve and simplify the processes themselves.

Resource: What is a Court Self-Help Center? (Judicial Council of California 2017)

The Judicial Council of California, with support from the Public Welfare Foundation, produced a nine minute video about the San Francisco's Access Center that explains what a self-help center is and how it provides triage and self-help services to
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Triage Working Group: Making Logic Trees - Rules of Thumb

Making logic trees for triage projects is hard. We all know that you have to map out the decision trees so the system can be programmed to know “what happens next?” and “if not this, than that”.

News: VA Legal Aid Society's New Online Triage System Dramatically Realigns Staff Resources to Increase Service to Eligible Clients (VA Legal Aid 2016)


Pittsburgh Court Doubles the Number of Self-Represented Litigants Served In First Three Months With No-Cost Reengineering Initiative (News 2016)

In Pittsburgh, reengineering was the key to serving Self-Represented Litigants (SRLs), resulting in the opening of the court’s Family Division Self-Help Center (SHC), which do

Weblinks: National Center for State Courts Triage Page (NCSC 2015)

The National Center for State Courts(NCSC) provides numerous resources for court personnel who contemplate triage through the lens of case management, which is a critical step towards simplification, use their search feature for "triage".