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Resource: Document Assembly: An Essential Building Block for the Access to Justice Ecosystem (LHI 2016)

LawHelp Interactive (LHI) is a national online document assembly platform that allows people representing themselves to prepare their own legal documents and pleadings online for free.

SRLN Brief: Examples of LHI Driven Partnerships (ProBonoNet 2016)

In addition to offering a platform for document assembly, the LHI project has been the catalyst to many significant court, legal aid and community partnerships. Below is a summary of just a few game changing partnerships.

News: Orange County, CA and the State of Texas Conduct User Experience Research and Learn that SRLs in Civil Cases Can E-File (Texas & California 2016)

What are we learning about self-represented litigants who e-file? Who are they? Where are they? What cases do they file? How do the tools work for them?
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Best Practices: Document Assembly Programs Best Practices Guide for Court System Development and Implementation Using A2J Author (New York 2017)

Beginning in 2005, the New York State courts began developing Document Assembly Programs for use in its Help Centers using A2J Author for the front-end, HotDocs software for the back-end, and LawHelp Interactive server to host the programs.

News: New York Combines Technology, Partners and Re-Engineering Reducing Court Time for DV Victims to Less Than an Hour and Saving Clerks 30 Minutes per File (New York 2015)

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Report: Making Self-Help Work: Bet Tzedek’s Conservatorship Clinic (Bet Tzedek 2013)

Since 2007, Bet Tzedek Legal Services has been running a self-help conservatorship clinic in partnership with the Los Angeles Superior Court.
Judicial Branch of California Logo

Weblinks: Efficiencies and Innovation in California (Judicial Branch of California 2015)

On its webpage entitled, Efficiencies & Innovations (, the The California judicial branch, which is widely acknowledged as a national leader in developing and implementing p

SRLN Brief: LHI Document Assembly (SRLN 2015)

LawHelp Interactive was developed to make implementing document assembly initiatives easier and less costly for legal aid organizations as well as pro bono and court-based access-to-justice programs