About Cartography

Resource: Why Tell Stories? (Esri 2018)

Find out how stories affect the brain, the power of visuals, and the appeal of maps with this story map on how nonprofits can benefit from story maps. A must read! Takes five minutes and 43 seconds.

Article: Choose the Right Map Symbology To Make Your Story Shine (Davis-Holland 2018)

Think cartography is all stats and science? Prepare to be surprised by the amount of psychology, art, design, culture, and communication involved in map making and how to choose effective symbology that makes your story and data shine.

Presentation: GIS for Justice Workshop with Tip Sheet for GIS Analysis (NLADA 2017)

"GIS for Justice: Using a Tools from Outside the Lawyer's Toolbox"

Presentation: Know Your Users - The Importance of User Experience in Court Planning and Operations (Court Technology Conference 2017)

The Illinois Supreme Court and SRLN created a mapping application to assess the court user's experience in Illinois.

Webinar: Mapping Access to Justice: Success Stories and Lessons Learned from the Field Featuring The Florida Bar Foundation (SRLN 2017)

NOTE:  This video can be viewed at any time by registering at the link below.

Presentation: What’s In It For Me? How to Use Geospatial Data Visualization to Inform and Engage Decision Makers (EJC 2017)

At the 2017 American Bar Association (ABA) Equal Justice Conference and the 

Resource: GIS/Data Resources for Justice (SRLN 2017)

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and data can provide useful information to drive decision making in the justice community. Here are some resources that can help.

Webinar: GIS Day! Geo-enable to Bring Data to Life for Justice (SRLN 2016)

In coordination with GIS Day and National Geographic's Geography Awareness Week, the Self-Represented Litigation Network (srln.org)  has hosted and recorded a webinar on some of the ways geographic information systems (GIS) technology is being use

Resource: What a Geographic Information Systems Is and What it Can Do (Davis-Holland 2016)

Alison Davis-Holland's GIS with a Test Drive presentation, offered as a slideshare, highlights the top ten functions that GIS can do and uses simple language t