SRLN Brief: Intro to Design Thinking (SRLN 2017)

In the Access to Justice space, design thinking practices from the technology space are increasingly embraced to improve the way people access legal services and to improve and simplify the processes themselves. Reviewing practices around the country, we see that sustainable innovation in the access to justice space happens when design thinking is adopted and implemented in our core practices, and when that happens we can effectively identify where technology can offer scalable, sustainable and accessible resources. The attached SRLN Brief introduces three commonly used terms: design thinking, legal design and agile, includes an example of applying these concepts to forms development and provides an introductory reading list. This document is designed to be shared widely among our diverse constituencies to illustrate the power of design thinking.


Recommended Citation: Katherine Alteneder & Eduardo Gonzalez, SRLN Brief: Design Thinking & Agile Development, SRLN (Oct. 2017).