Weblink: Elkins Family Law Task Force & Implementation Task Force (California 2010, 2013)

In Elkins v.

Weblink: Efficiencies and Innovation in California (California 2015)

On its webpage entitled, Efficiencies & Innovations, the The California judicial branch, which is widely acknowledged as a national leader in developing and implementing programs that enh

Report: Report of the Court Processes Simplification (Court Processes Simplification Working Group 2012)

This is a report of the Court Processes Simplification Working Group (CPSWG) of the Canadian Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters hosted by the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice th

Paper: Court Simplification In New York State: Budgetary Savings And Economic Efficiencies (Modern Courts 2013)

This paper by the Committee for Modern Courts offers an analysis of the impact of simplification and concludes that in addition to the many substantive advantages of c

Interview: Access Track Organizer Richard Schauffler Reflects that CTC2015 Focused on Consumer Driven Solutions Shaped by Data (News 2015)


Report: A Report and Analysis of Action Plans throughout California (California 2003)

This June 2003 report analyzes pro se court action plans from county courts throughout California, examining court program needs assessments and program designs as well as the community partnerships which were integral to plan development

Strategic Plan: Services for Self-Represented Litigants in Arkansas: A Report to the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission (Greacen 2013)

This report documents the services currently available to persons in this situation in Arkansas. It shows that for the most part they are left on their own and flounder.

Study: Self-Represented Litigants in Family Law Cases In Jackson County, Missouri (Cook 2007)

This study is unique because it included the self-represented in its survey. From the Abstract:

Report: Access to Justice Metrics Informed by the Voices of Marginalized Community Members: Themes, Definitions and Recommendations Arising from Community Consultations (Canadian Bar Association 2013)

The Canadian Bar Association’s Access to Justice Committee’s Building Block #1 Access to Justice Metrics sought to develop a practical definition of access to justice and to identify tangible indicators and goals to measure progress.

Report: Resources to Assist Self-Represented Litigants: A Fifty State Review of the State of the Art (Greacen 2011)

This report was originally commissioned by the Michigan State Bar Foundation to assist Michigan’s Solutions on Self-Help (SOS) Task Force, but modified to serve as a national resource so that it may be of value