Survey: Directory of Court Self-Help Programs (SRLN 2006)

This is the first national directory of self-help centers - court based offices in which litigants can obtain information that helps them with their court cases.

Report: Survey of Social Workers in Massachusetts (Rosie's Place 2015)

Rosie's Place,, a women's shelter in Boston, conducted a survey in 2015 of social services workers in Massachusetts and found that 1) social workers are providing a very significant amou

News: Orange County, CA and the State of Texas Conduct User Experience Research and Learn that SRLs in Civil Cases Can E-File (Texas & California 2016)

What are we learning about self-represented litigants who e-file? Who are they? Where are they? What cases do they file? How do the tools work for them?

Survey: SRLN Library Working Group National Self-Help in Libraries Survey (SRLN 2013)

The Law Librarians’ Working Group of the Self-Represented Litigation Network surveyed law libraries in the summer of 2013 about their services, including self-help programs.

Survey: Washington LawHelp User Survey (WA LawHelp 2015)

This is an example of a survey for online legal services users from Washington LawHelp in Washington State. The Washington LawHelp website provides a link to this survey on every webpage of their site -- the accessibility of the survey link increa

Tool: Tools for Evaluation of Court-Based Self-Help Centers (California CFCC 2015)

The Equal Access Unit of the California Judicial Branch Center for Families, Children & the Courts, provides materials for courts, court-based self-help programs, and other nonprofit providers of legal self-help services.

Survey: Massachusetts LiveJustice Website User Evaluation Survey (Legal Assistance Corporation of Central Massachussets 2003)

Survey instrument designed by Legal Assistance Corporation of Central Massachussets to survey users of their online technology project, LiveJustice at

Survey: Texas Self-Represented Persons Survey Instrument (Texas Access to Justice Commission 2005)

This 15-question survey instrument was developed by the Court-based Assisted Pro Se Subcommittee of the Texas Access to Justice Commission to survey court clerks about self-represented litigants in Texas courtrooms.

Survey: California Self Help Center Customer Satisfaction Survey (California AOC 2004)

This is a generic customer/client satisfaction survey form for self-help legal centers in California.

Survey: Eastern Montana Self-Help Law Project Survey (Montana 2003)

This survey instrument was used to gather information from Judges and Clerks of Court regarding the state of pro se affairs before the implementation of the Eastern Montana Self Help Law Project.