Report: The Self-Help Center Census: A National Survey (ABA 2014)

Using responses to an online survey, the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services issued “The Self-Help Center Census: A N

Presentation: LSC Board Briefing: Technology, Collaboration and Innovation Opportunities (Bravi, Hough, O'Brien, Paul, Zorza 2011)

Briefing presented to the LSC Board in January 2011. Presenters:

Report: Equal Justice and the Digital Revolution: Using Technology to Meet the Needs of Low-Income People (CLASP & NLADA 2002)

This report describes the history of legal aid technology innovation and recommends various objectives for the legal services community to continue to improve its use of technology to provide equal justice for all.

Report: An Executive Program Assessment For State Court Projects to Assist Self-Represented Litigants (Maryland 2005)

This January 7, 2005 final report was submitted to the State Justice Institute on behalf of the Trial Court Research and Improvement Conorium by the Maryland Administrative Office of the Courts.

Report: Evaluation of Innovations Designed to Increase Access to Justice for Self-Represented Litigants (Hough 2005)

This paper, prepared for the Summit on the Future of Self-Represented Litigation (March 24-25, 2005; Chicago, IL full Summit materials available here) is an intial analysis of efforts to assess the effectiveness of self-he

Report: Washington’s Courthouse Facilitator Programs for Self-Represented Litigants in Family Law Cases (Washington 2008)

This study used a variety of research methods to collect information on Washington’s courthouse facilitator programs and the impact of their operations. 

Report: Orange County Superior Court Self-Help Needs Analysis (California 2007)

This 2007 report is of a self help needs analysis that was conducted by the Planning and Research unit of the Orange County (CA) Superior Court.

Report: Los Angeles County Superior Court JusticeCorps Focus Groups Report (California 2007)

This executive summary compiles the findings from a series of six focus groups of self-help center staff and customers served in the Los Angeles County Superior Court at self-help centers with JusticeCorps member assistants.

Report: LiveHelp Pilot Project Final Evaluation Report (Montana 2007)

This report evaluates LiveHelp, an experimental tool added to the LawHelp network of access to justice websites that helps those not fully familiar with legal information on the web find that information.

Report: The Sustainable 21st Century Law Library: Vision, Deployment and Assessment for Access to Justice (Zorza 2012)

Richard Zorza writes that “this is a moment of opportunity for law libraries to transform themselves as leaders in providing access to justice for all as part of a broad alignment of the legal system.” He notes that law libraries are becoming entr