VA Legal Aid Society's New Online Triage System Dramatically Realigns Staff Resources to Increase Service to Eligible Clients (News 2016)


Report: Building A Litigant Portal: Business and Technical Requirements (NCSC 2015)

With funding from State Justice Institute, Thomas Clarke of the National Center for State Courts assembled two advisory committees – one to develop the business requirements for a litigant portal, and another to examine the technical requirements

Report: Supreme Court Task Force to Examine Limited Legal Licensing (Utah 2015)

From the Introduction:

Paper: How Fair, Fast, and Cheap Should Courts Be? (Greacen 1999)

Making the court system fairer, faster, and cheaper are at the top of most agendas for restoring public trust and confidence in the legal system. But how much fairer, faster, and cheaper do the courts need to be to meet the public's needs?

Report: Washington State Civil Legal Needs Study (Washington State Supreme Court 2015)

A Washington Supreme Court commissioned statewide survey of more than 1,600 low-income Washingtonians discovered that seven of ten low-income individuals and families in Washington State face at least one significant civil legal problem each year,

Weblink: The Court Statistics Project (NCSC 2015)

The Court Statistics Project (CSP) — a joint project of the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) and the Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA) — publishes caseload data from the courts of

Survey: SRLN Library Working Group National Self-Help in Libraries Survey (SRLN 2013)

The Law Librarians’ Working Group of the Self-Represented Litigation Network surveyed law libraries in the summer of 2013 about their services, including self-help programs.

Article: California’s Family Law Facilitator Program: A New Paradigm for the Courts (Harrison, Chase, Surh 2000)

In 1997, California introduced its Family Law Facilitator Program to guide unrepresented family litigants through the judicial process.

Report: Navigator Snapshot Report (New York 2014)

From the Executive Summary

Report: My Laws, My Courts, My Maryland Promoting Equal Justice for All (Maryland 2013)

My Laws, My Courts, My Maryland Promoting Equal Justice for All, published by the Maryland Access to Justice Commission is styled as media kit and provides detailed information about the Maryl