Scaling in Court Systems

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Resource: Open Referral Initiative (Open Referral 2014)

Open Referral develops data standards and open source tools that make it easier to share, find and use information about health, human, and social services.
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Article: Pro Bono Net's Digital Divide Blog Series (PBN 2020)

Pro Bono Net's Digital Divide Blog Series
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Article: The Clearspire Story (Legal Mosaic 2017)

The Clearspire Story, attached below, offers a great case study to consider the conditions determine the success of a legal te

Report: Remote Appearances of Parties, Attorneys and Witnesses, A Review of Current Court Rules and Practices (SRLN 2017)

The Remote Appearances of Parties, Attorneys and Witnesses, A Review of Current Court Rules and Practices report is a follow up report to

Resource: Resource Guide on Serving Self-Represented Litigants Remotely (SRLN 2016)

The Resource Guide provides options for courts and other entities interested in providing services to self-represented litigants using means that are not face-to-face, instead of, or in addition to, in-person alternatives

Report: Building A Litigant Portal: Business and Technical Requirements (NCSC 2015)

With funding from State Justice Institute, Thomas Clarke of the National Center for State Courts assembled two advisory committees – one to develop the business requirements for a litigant portal, and another to examine the technical requirements

SRLN Brief: Tools for Mobile Engagement with Customers, Clients, Colleagues and Partners* (SRLN 2015)

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Article: Triage - A Vital Tool to Increase Access to Justice (Boyle 2013)

In this article in Slaw, Canada's on-line legal magazine, Kari Boyle reviews some of the triage activity in Canadian Civil Justice Reform.  About the author:
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Report: A Guide to Model Rules for Electronic Filing and Service (Lexis Nexis 2003)

This 2003 guide to model rules for e-filing discusses the use of the model rules, outlines the proposed model rules with commentary, and discusses filing and service procedures.
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Article: The Access To Justice “Sorting Hat” Towards A System Of Triage And Intake That Maximizes Access And Outcomes (Zorza 2012)

In this seminal article, Richard Zorza discusses the fact that we know little of the processes by which the millions of people who approach courts, legal aid intake systems, and hotlines are directed into them, or the access services they do or do